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Hi Dave and Krysy hope your both well,


We have now officially received our Camaro today and wow what a beauty she is!

My wife and I cant stop looking at her and we love the colour it really suits the car.


I've been looking for a 1970 only Camaro for a while and I wish I had known your

website "GM Down under" months ago, the car runs smooth and sound great.


I would like to say it was a pleasure doing buisiness with you and you both looked

after us from purchase price all the way to delivery to our door step you were always

keeping in touch with us.


I would definitely recommend you to family and friends because of the great services

and 100% honest people you are selling a great product, our Camaro.

This was the smoothest purchase as I have never bought over the internet sight unseen before.


We cant thank you enough Dave and Krysy for the great looking Camaro you sold us and this one is staying in the family!!



Kind Regards

Francis and Joanne Oon







Good afternoon, I just wanted to say thanks again for all of your assistance in my most recent purchases, I took both cars out on the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed them and they were everything you had said and more. As you know I have now purchased 4 vehicles over the years from you and this is because you continue to make the whole process very easy and trouble free.


Dave if I am looking to buy any further cars I will certainly have no hesitations in coming back to buy from you again.




Jeff Wilson






From: Edward Fabre 1967 rs camaro  thanks dave for a fantastic car , everyone that has seen it loves it , you did a mighty job , its a shame i didn`t find you early i`ve bought some crap cars your collection of cars are the best and you made the process easy thanks again Dave  28/11/2019





Sorry for taking so long after buying the 74 convertible from you to give you some feedback.

I want to thank you for delivering such a great example of a classic.

I have been looking for a few years now and have usually been disappointed when I follow a lead and look at a car for sale.

However this one was exactly as you described it.

Everything works, everything has been fixed or improved and I have nothing to do to improve it.

I love it and am driving it every week, I just can’t stay out of it.

Dave, thanks again and I’ll certainly recommend you as the go to guy for Corvettes.


Terry Smith

Oh, and I’ll buy my next Corvette off you also.




Re 1980 C3


Extremely happy with the 1980 C3 Corvette I have just purchased, Dave has gone above and beyond to give me everything I asked for and more.

Thoroughly enjoying driving the older style of car and happy that Dave and his team went right through the car and informed me of any problems which were then rectified.

Dave I cant thank you enough and would and have recommended you to friends that have enquired about where I bought the car.

I will be dealing with Dave again when I decide what I want to buy next and know that I will get the best car and service from the GM Downunder team

Thanks again for everything Dave. 14/9/2018








Hi Dave, just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for helping me to finally find that C3 convertible that I was looking for. After searching for months and looking at cars that were either out of my price range or cars that needed total rebuilds I came across your website. From the moment I saw the orange 74 convertible you had for sale and the amount of work and money the previous owner had spent  on her I knew she was the one I wanted.

From our first phone conversation until taking delivery your services were very professional, you kept me updated at all times regarding the extra work I wanted done and how much it was going to cost me. There were no “hidden surprises”. I learnt a lot about Corvettes in the short amount of time I spent with you but I know its only the beginning of our dealings together. As they say “ there’s bigger and better things to come”, I know you’ll be the first port of call when I decide to upgrade to that big block or buy that auto t-top for the Mrs.

To anyone that’s looking to buy, my advice is to go look around. Have a look at the cars for sale privately and in the caryards, but before you sign do yourself a favour and go talk with Dave and have a look at the quality of the vehicles in his stable.

Again, thank you mate for making the dream a reality and I’m sure we’ll catch up again soon.

Cheers Grahame (74 C3 Convertible) 12/2/2018





Hey Dave.

I want to thank you and to say how much I love the car. I would most definitely buy another from you, probably the wifes 68' Camaro that she's already started saving for.

Thank you for taking the time to ensure I fully understood the car, imperfections and all before I committed to the purchase. Your patience and constant communication throughout the process set my mind at ease. I really appreciate you opening up your garage on Sundays as this was the only time I was able to make it up your way.

Like most Corvette Stingray owners I have wanted to own one for a very long time. I saw my first at a car show when I was 17. Many years later.... and after a year of searching for the right one for me I finally have it. She's not perfect but she is exactly as you described. Hopefully over the years you will see her a few times for a little restoration work. Yes, I refer to the car as a girl, she's far too pretty to be a bloke.

See you soon when I get time to pick up that part for the horn.

 Thanks, Rob 72 Corvette     24/10/2017




Sorry about the delay - ive been busy as hell the past week. Here are a few words to put on your testimonials on your website:

"From first thinking of purchasing a corvette till it finally rolled down the driveway, Dave saw me through the whole process. He was always generous with his time and knowledge and made sure I bought the right car, not just the first one I saw! He got me to spend money on the things that mattered and not waste any on things that were unnecessary. He kept me updated through the whole process. I have started saving for my next classic car and I know where I will be going for that! Thanks for everything Dave to you and your boys. Mat, Melbourne".

Car passed its VASS and Roadworthy. Joined the VIC Chevrolet Club. Just gotta get everything down to VIC Roads on my next day off and im in business and raring to go.

Im still eyeing that orange 72 big block you got but gotta get saving for a bit!


Mat Fields  14/5/2017




I have always loved C4 Corvettes, especially the later ones. I bought a 1989 model coupe in 1999 when I lived in the USA and just loved it. For the past year or so I have been trying to find one in Australia that suited me, to no avail. It seems that there is never enough leg room for the driver after they have been converted to RHD. Almost in desperation, in late 2016 I contacted Dave Harber at GM Downunder to see if he thought he could modify a RHD C4 to provide more legroom for a tall bloke like me. When he told me he knew very little about C4s I was somewhat surprised. His core business is C3s and earlier models. However, he invited me to come over to his shop at Bribie Island to have a chat about my problem, which I did. And I am very glad that I did.

After talking for a while we both came to the conclusion that the best thing I could do (apart from buying one of the C2s or C3s he had for sale) was to import my own C4 from the USA, with his help and the help of his colleague John in Los Angeles. The age of the car then became important because we wanted to keep it LHD and not do any conversion.

We began to search. Dave spoke to me frequently during this process and he was always warning me to be careful about what was available on the internet and, under no circumstances, should I buy a car sight unseen. He was so emphatic about being careful with whom you deal, based on his many years of experience importing cars from the USA.

Surprisingly, we identified a suitable car fairly quickly, and, fortunately, it was in Los Angeles, not far from John’s shop. I was able to convince the seller, via email, to get in touch with John and bring the car in for inspection. It met with John’s approval and we bought the car. That was the easy part. Getting the car shipped to Australia was the hard part.

That’s where Dave’s expertise came to the fore. He organised everything, there was nothing I had to do. Shipping, customs, quarantine, roadworthy, compliance, all done. And through it all he would be on the phone keeping me up to date with where things were at and if the end was in sight. Numerous unforeseen problems can arise during a project such as this but Dave was always a calming and positive influence. He kept telling me to be patient, it would all turn out OK, and it did. The final step was getting the car registered, which Dave’s wife Krysy attended to with calm assurance.

I am terribly grateful to Dave and Krysy (and to John in LA) for what they have done to help me become the proud owner of my dream car.

Thanks and best wishes to you both.

Mike Suttie

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I used to see a yellow C3 parked at a business every day when I was being driven to school at age 10. 42 years later, I emailed Dave Harber at GM Downunder after I saw a red 1980 C3 with matching numbers for sale on his web site in Oct 2016. As the car had the red interior as welI, I was totally taken with the car. I asked Dave if the car was still for sale and a few basic questions. Dave answered my email the next day to say the car was still available and to call him. So, I did just that and I asked if I could put a holding deposit on the car without seeing it and if I don't like the car after seeing it, will my money be refunded? Dave agreed no problems and was very helpful on the phone.

As I was working in Brisbane for a short time, I didn't have my daily drive car so I had to get a train up to Caboulture about a week later, where Dave went out of his way and picked me up, and took me to see the red car on Bribie Island where GM Downunder is situated. Dave had taken the car for a spin the day before I got there and realised from the performance and the book of original receipts, that the car actually had a high performance ZZ4 engine in it. The original L82 engine was also there and thrown into the deal. Dave took the time to show me all around the car and put it up on the hoist to check for rust etc. He told me about how the car was imported from California and  made me aware of things like the bonding strips that show if the cars fender panels are original and other things. We then went for a drive and I was amazed when he put his foot down. He let me drive the car for about 15 mins and then we headed back to his workshop.

I decided that I wanted to go ahead with the deal and that I wanted the air con, white writing TA Tyres and a sports exhaust, and was happy to pay for those over and above the purchase price.

So, all was agreed on and then Dave took me back to his home to see his massive collection of cars with the jukebox going and all the wonderful memorabilia as well. It was an amazing experience seeing all the cars and having lunch together. I had never actually stood right beside a Corvette before, so it was overwhelming to have about 15 Corvettes all around me. Dave started up 3 Corvettes that all had different exhaust notes and asked me which one I liked? It was great hearing all 3, and I decided on a full dual 2 1/2 " system with sports mufflers. Dave is a registered Corvette restorer, he knows the cars backwards and he can restore your car from the bare frame right through. I got Dave to get my car into a roadworthy condition for Victorian roads and I gave him a few months to get the car ready for me, which he did. Dave also organised a trucking company to transport the car in a fully enclosed truck to Melbourne. I fully recommend Dave Harber to help bring a dream to reality. He has a heap of different cars at different prices, and his experience and his after sales service is second to none.

Thanks Dave and Krysy.1/2/2017

Dean Cooper


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Hi Dave & Krysy

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for making the purchase of the my Ontario Orange 72 corvette seamless. Your wealth of knowledge on American cars is outstanding. Your no pressure attitude & the unlimited time you gave me is very rare in this industry especially in today's busy world. The genuine respect & courtesy you showed my 12 year old daughter on one of our visits to inspect the car was greatly appreciated. I searched widely for many months to find a corvette that matched the quality that I was looking for & luckily I found you. The corvette I purchased from you wasn't the cheapest on the market, but was by far the best example out there, so to me it was great value for money. The quality of the car is simply stunning. Being a very fussy motor mechanic & a lover of American cars I rarely find a vehicle that meets my expectations. The 72 corvette from you was a car I could just get in, drive & enjoy, as nothing need doing. Dave your customer service & outstanding integrity will no doubt have me returning for future vehicle purchases. Kind regards- Craig

Craig Cameron   15/1/2107




Still loving my car and driving my wife crazy!!!


Mitch Lawrence  20/12/2016


1971 Corvette Stingray


I am an avid car fan and corvette enthusiast from way back. I have always dreamt of owning a corvette but never thought this was possible and spent many an hour looking from afar.

By chance, I heard about GM down under through a guy that was proudly displaying his corvette at the Samford Show.  He had bought his car through Dave and was very happy with his purchase.

After talking to Dave, I was very impressed with his knowledge and passion for the cars. I made an appointment and Dave had a couple of cars ready for inspection- they were BEAUTIFUL!!!

The description of the cars from the website was both accurate and honest- Dave pointing out both features and minor imperfections. The cars were also placed on a hoist to enable a full inspection.

After much deliberation over a T top or convertible, I made my decision, and paid a deposit. Dave spent some time going through a list of improvements he wanted to make to the car prior to taking delivery. Dave was very particular about ensuring the car was in perfect condition and this was all included in the listed price.

Dave was fantastic with all correspondence  prior to delivery. He called,  text and sent photos of the progress which I really appreciated and certainly added to my excitement.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Dave, Krysy and all the staff who work at GM down under. You have realised what I thought was an unobtainable dream. The whole experience has been incredibly positive, exciting and fun and I would not hesitate to refer anyone looking for a muscle car- (Just not mine!)

Mitch and Al







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 1970 Corvette Stingray  1/12/2016


After years of research looking for a classic car to invest in, we found a Stingray we were interested in and made an appointment to meet Dave to have a look.

After spending hours with Dave (sorry Krysy) where he graciously imparted a lot of knowledge and experience on all types of Corvettes and what to look for in terms of limited numbers, protect-o-plate,  etc, which was valuable advice and assisted us greatly in making our decision.


When it came to preparing the car for delivery, any requests made by us were accommodated and you definitely could not fault the regular communication and feedback each step of the way, including photos and videos, all in all, making us very comfortable with our purchase (and getting us excited for the delivery).


We could not be happier with our decision, not only have we purchased a great classic car, we consider both Dave & Krysy as friends and will definitely be looking to add to the collection in years to come.


Lance & Steph



This letter is to express how easy and trouble-free I have found doing business with GM Down Under. I just want to say how much I enjoyed not only my wonderful car – the 1968 Red Impala, but an overall great experience I received from you. You certainly love and know your classic cars!! The fact that you have stayed in contact with us makes us feel very comfortable knowing that if anything untoward happens with this car you’ll certainly do your best to advise us on all options available. Your service was first class as is your perfect showroom. You went out of your way to help us, not only with the few mechanical changes we requested but you also registered the car for us, so we simply just drove it away happy as Larry. Cheers Dave and we will meet for breakfast soon. leight burgess ,wishart  15/8/2016



Hi Dave and Krysy,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me find my first classic car, my 68 Pontiac Firebird. Wow I'm loving it. You helped us out 2 years ago when Alan bought his 71 Vette from you guys and you have been servicing it ever since. We trust your opinion and know you tell us how it is, and that is why you were our only choice when I wanted to get a classic. Yet again you have gone above and beyond to help us. We really appreciate everything you have done and won't hesitate recommending you to anyone looking for a classic. Anytime we come up, you are both so warm and welcome us like family, we love you both.

Thanks so much

Carol & Al  10/5/2016

(Ps Al's not happy with all the attention i get in the Firebird)



1966 GT A code Fastback Mustang

1967 RS red on red Convertible Camaro

1972 Convertible Corvette

I’m not one to give testimonials, but feel the need to give credit where credit is due.  Dave from GM Down under has gone above and beyond my expectations of customer service.

Whilst on the lookout for a classic car, I had done a fair bit of research about what to look for, price etc.  When I came across GM Downunders website I was very interested in a couple of different cars.  So in early December when I went to physically look at a few options, I was amazed at the range and quality of the cars available and how they were presented.

Firstly Dave was on his day off when I arrived at his workshop, but when I rang he said ‘come over to the house we can have a chat and I have quite a few here’.  This was the first of many signs that Dave was a very dedicated, decent bloke.  As I had travelled over an hour and a half to get there, he was more than happy to accommodate me on his day off!

We spent quite a few hours in total with Dave and also met his lovely wife Chrissy.  We were taken for a couple of test drives, had a few cars up on hoists etc.  No question was too much to answer.

What struck me the most was Dave’s openness and honesty with all his cars, he did not try to hide anything, no matter how small.  He pointed out any repairs that had been carried out etc.

I was tossing up between a beautiful 1966 GT Fastback Mustang and a 1968 convertible Camaro.  Not being able to decide I bought both.  However the next day I did speak to Dave about my possible change of mind with the Camaro after seeing another Camaro on his website that was still due to arrive from the USA, even though this was more paperwork and running around for Dave, it wasn’t a problem, he let me swap from the 68 to the beautiful 1967 RS convertible Camaro that I had seen on the website.

So I happily bought 2 cars from Dave at this point, and the service has been exceptional. The care and concern he has taken when deliveries have been delayed or repairs delayed have been done in order to make ME happy.

Dave has now become a firm friend at this point, so when I eyed a 1972 convertible corvette in his workshop (I really need to stop looking), I was straight on the phone to my partner, and you can imagine how that went!  This was currently under rebuild at the workshop, and he told me up front what needed to be done and what had already been done to it.  After a few negotiations we had settled on a price that was more than fair and the rebuild continued at a very high standard, and extremely swiftly as I was a valued customer and friend by this stage.

This car, like my first 2 is exceptional and AWESOME.  They are this way because Dave has gone out of his way to ensure I have the best quality and satisfaction when I drive home with my cars.  I cannot begin to say enough about my friend Dave and GM Downunder staff, whose work is of the highest quality.  I now have 3 cars in total from Dave that I am extremely happy and proud of.  I have lost track of the amount of times that I have been stopped in public by people that want their photo taken with my cars.  If they ask I am happy to tell them GM Downunder is where they came from.

Dave’s ongoing advice and knowledge has not stopped when I have driven my cars away, his after sales service is great, and I know I can always call for parts etc, he will endeavour to supply if he can.

Above all I would like people to know that Dave is a man of honesty and integrity, with quality cars and service. He wears his heart on his sleeve, a true enthusiast that enjoys cars as much as I do, who I call a friend! 

Since writing this letter I’m in negotiations on a fourth car with Dave (and my partner) so fingers crossed I may be the proud owner of fourth one.

Looking forward to our continued friendship with Dave and Chrissy and the GM Downunder crew.

A smart lady once told me (Chrissy) Life’s not a rehearsal do what makes you Happy!  I have adopted this saying and couldn’t agree more.

Brad Gloster


I (JR) have been interested in classic cars for a while, my first car being a Mini Van 1165cc - and subsequently owning a HR Holden Premier, HG Wagon (still with me for the heavy duty stuff!) and my current run around - a 1981 KE55 Toyota Corolla 2-door. (yeah, the one with the mighty 1.3l engine!)

More recently, however, my girlfriend (Angie) and I celebrated Angie's 50th by hiring a classic muscle car we had always both admired, but never driven - a Ford Mustang convertible made in the year Angie was born! It was Wimbledon White with a red interior and we loved driving it for a few days along the Great Ocean Road. A great experience! 

We were so impressed, we said to ourselves, what are we waiting for - let's get one for ourselves! We looked around the mags and sites, and there, sitting somewhere at a place called GM Downunder Bribie Is, was the exact same year   Mustang, colours, body type and 289 V8 we were first blown away with on the Great Ocean Road trip!

We visited Dave at the Bribie resto shop and he took us for a drive etc. We went back again and drove a '68 Camaro Convertible and Dave took Angie for a ride in a Big Block Corvette, just to compare!  Suffice to say, Dave's friendly and generous service was a delight and encouraged us to call back again for another drive of the Mustang and to put down our deposit. 

As part of the purchase process, Dave basically proved what type of motor dealer he is - honest, up front and collaborative. Whatever extra work we arranged as part of the overall deal, e.g. new seatbelts, a paint and panel touch up - Dave and his GM Downunder team could handle it all on site. Dave's high standards also affected his approach to necessary repairs or maintenance - do it right the first time! As a result, we drove away with newly replaced and refurbished parts such as a new power steering rack, shocks, reconditioned carb, tie rod ends/bushes, to name a few. As a result, the car drives beautifully, and its left hand drive has been easy to master after a few drives. We love the sound of a V8 in the morning! 

Angie and I can only provide the highest recommendation for Dave and the team at GM Downunder - we were treated like valued customers and, really, like friends. We think this type of service and attention to detail is becoming rare. 

So, as Molly used to say, do yourself a favour - if you're thinking of buying a classic Corvette, Mustang or other similar classic tin, check out GM Downunder and make the trip to Bribie Is to meet Dave and his shed - you won't be disappointed. 


JR & Angie

0403 837 729



Following a bad experience with a '68 Firebird purchased elsewhere, I was finding it hard to get my trust back to purchase another classic. However, with a shed full of British cars and missing my token US muscle car, I was on the hunt for a replacement. I stumbled across Dave's website by accident one day looking for importers of US cars. On first glance he didn't seem to have anything I wanted, but I rang him anyway to kick a tyre and tell him how miserable I was that my first Firebird was a dud and I'd had to sell it. We talked for a while, and he told me some of the things to look out for and offered to help me to find something. He also told me he had a '69 Firebird convertible, but he knew I was after a '68 and thought I probably wouldn't want it. Still, I checked out the photos anyway. I really wanted a blue car, and this one was Maifair Maize. So at first glance I thought no-way(!), but then I got stuck into the photos and dissected the vehicle nut and bolt one photo at a time. There were a couple of little things that were NQR, but Dave had already told me those so I knew to expect them. I also asked him to send me some additional photos which he did almost before I could get off the phone! He was at all times responsive, thorough, accurate and generous with his time.


Buying a classic car is not easy. Buying it sight-unseen off the internet is even harder. And when you're just recovering from a shonky deal elsewhere its even harder still. However, after wearing out Dave's ear on the phone and giving him RSI from texting me information all day long, I finally plucked up the courage to buy the car....and although it's not blue...he never told me it was.... it's turned out to be exactly what he promised....the best Firebird either of us have ever driven.


In summary, I'm very happy. It's a beautiful car. From top to bottom, you could read the time on your watch from the reflection in the paint and eat your dinner off the undercarriage.


Well done to Dave and GM Downunder, for providing a great experience and a healthy dose of integrity!







      I had looked at half a dozen Corvettes, all early seventies, all very poor examples, despite the photos and glowing descriptions.

I was losing interest ! Then a friend mentioned GM Down Under. He had purchased a 72 model from Dave and was a very happy camper.

      One look at the G M website got my juices flowing again, 23 Vettes in stock, 4 of which I reckoned were worth a look. (I was interested in early seventies)  A trip to Bribie Island to find every vehicle was worth looking at, no rubbish here at all. Just as importantly, Dave was fantastic to deal with, no “used car” syndrome here.  He answered all questions , was in no hurry, and has fantastic “product knowledge”.   Yes, I purchased my dream, a 74 big block roadster, and drove it 650 km home with not a single problem.

      All I can say in conclusion, a BIG thank you to Mr and Mrs Harber.

              Barry Smith

                              24th August 2015



My dream car is a mid-60s Chevrolet Impala convertible. I had been looking for a couple of years but I was pretty gun shy after having bought a dud (following a shonky ‘independent’ inspection). However, back in the market I saw Dave’s inventory on line. He had a couple of promising models in stock. We exchanged phone calls and I got a good feeling as Dave was very open and honest. So I flew up from Melbourne with my son to look things over. Once I met Dave face to face it further confirmed my instinct that I could trust this guy. I bought a beautiful matching numbers Super-Sport. The story didn’t end there! Dave and I have embarked on a full off-chassis, bare-metal restoration. We are now several months down this path. Every week Dave touches base to let me know what’s going on, regularly emailing photos and making suggestions about this tweak and that improvement. I’ve been back to check it out live and the workmanship and attention to detail from Dave and his team is amazing. These guys are true craftsmen and Dave is indefatigable when it comes to sourcing and shipping parts from across Australia or the US. Thanks Dave.

Tony, Melbourne 1965 BLACK IMPALA SUPER  SPORT CONVERTIBLE  20/8/2015 




Hi Dave,


I would like to thank you for your assistance with the purchase of my Red 71 Corvette Coup. Your knowledge and passion for these vehicles blew me away.

When I made the first appointment to inspect the Corvettes I had chosen one out on your web page. After the inspection I had picked out 3 different Corvettes and could not make my mind up on which one.

I ended up leaving with my head spinning from all the information you had provided me with, I did some further research on C3 Corvettes, then made another appointment to see you.

When I turned up the second time the 3 Corvettes I had chosen were all parked in a row ready for inspection and test drives. After the test drives I had narrowed it down to 2. You said “ jump in and take them for another run by yourself, you don’t need me with you”. So off I went for another spin, I got back and decided on a matching number Red 71 Coupe. Whilst I am enjoying my shiny red Corvette I will be back in a few years to see Dave and hopefully purchase the Big Block Corvette I could not afford this time round. Many thanks again Dave see you soon.


Regards,     10/7/2015


Steven Scriven




i wish to place on record my sincere thanks and appreciation for the exemplary level of service you personally provided when i purchased my dream vehicle ''   a collector's  edition 1982 chevorlet corvette'' from your company in early june 2015 , the courtesy and patience you extended are the hallmarks of a  true professional. your attention to detail and your willingness to assist , were truly appreciated by both my wife and myself. at all times we felt at ease during the purchase process made all  the easier by your thorought knowledge of claasic vehicles. my corvette is in outstanding original condition and is a credit to the original owner's care and attention. it was obviously  a pampered family treasure , and will continue to be so whilst in our care. 

please accept our gratitude and thanks . it was a most memorable occasion

your sincerely  kev & lynn jones 



have had  our first classic 74 corvette now long enought to know we have received the vehicle in the exact condition you explained when  we visited your collection for the first time. after  searching and inspecting many cars this was  the first one that was as advertised and has not disappointed. following several drives and weekends to enjoy. i was keen to learn about the corvettes and in particular listen and take in your extensive knowledge of these historic vehicles. itis not every  day you meet someone so passionate about these cars and keen  on sharing this passion. we purchased our 74 on road ready to go and dave and his team went the extra mile keeping us fully informed during the process and ensured the vehicle was delivered as described. this can be a challenge when one just wants to see the machine in the home garage for the first time not to mention taking that first drive. i would not hesitate to purchase another vehicle from gmdownunder and have in fact made inquires about other vehicles dave has for sale , just need to extend the garage. i would certainly recommend anyone wishing to purchase a corvette or classic american muscle car  to give dave a call and arrange an inspection pf his vehicles before making a choice. 

greg & sharlene 

cairns  15/11/2014


hi  dave 

have had our first classic 74 corvette now long enought to know we have received the vehicle in the exact condition you explained when we visited your collection






Alan & Carol Wieland

To the team at GMdownunder, we just wanted to pass on our sincere thanks for facilitating the purchase of our very first classic car witch happens to be a stunning red on red 71 corvette. I have been actively seeking to buy one for over five years now and always been concerned with finding the right car and a quality car, always assuming that I would have to lay down all my hard earned money on a car I have never seen from the USA. So when we spotted this car on your website and being exactly what I wanted and less than an hour drive from home, it made perfect sense to go and have a test drive. Upon meeting Dave it was clear he was also as passionate as I was about cars and was very honest about any questions that I had regarding any issues with the car and never tried to hide anything. Upon driving the corvette and now having to own it Dave and his team worked towards carrying out all work that I had requested to the highest of standard keeping me informed the whole time, and even stored the car for me until I was able to take delivery, wow what customer service! I now recommend GMdownunder to anyone I know who is interested in purchasing a classic car, and you guys will continue to service the car into the future.

Thanks again Alan & Carol Wieland   5/08/2014




Hello Classic Car Lovers out there,just wanted to update our Status and let you all know,we have purchased our second Classic Car,loved our first one sooooo much which was a red 68 SS Camaro convertible,which we love and I especially love,but Mark has always wanted a Corvette.

David being David and ever so obliging came to the party and found Mark a very impressive 81,four speed C3 Corvette,two toned in colour Beige on Bronze with Camel Leather interior,great for long distance driving.

Dave has given his expertise,advise and as always found us an excellent car,G M Downunder has done it again,a big thank you goes to Dave,Kriszy and their crew Greg and Tim they are always so helpful and giving of their time, Cheers to all,safe and happy G M Downunder Driving,Mark and Cheryl Behrendorff.  15/07/2014



Mark and Cheryl Behrendorff living in the beautiful Scenic Rim of Boonah,we have purchased a Matador Red,Soft Top 68 Camaro SS she's a beauty!
Dave has bent over backwards,side wards and inside out to make us happy with our most magnificent and beautiful car,we are enjoying our weekend drives with the soft top down,but then if we want to cruise along in real comfort with the top up and the air con on we can.
We would highly recommend Dave when it comes to buying a beaut American Muscle Car.
Regards and many thanks Dave and Krissy from Mark and Cheryl.


"We were looking for an Impala as our first classic car as we have loved Chevrolet's for a while now. We had visited a few car shows and found we really love the look & style of Impala's. We thought now was the time to treat ourselves for both of our 50th Birthdays come next year.
Once we started looking, we found the red 63 Impala on GM Downunder website.
We have a friend who has a Chevelle & Impala and they had told us they had heard good reports on Dave at GM Downunder. And we kept revisiting the site everyday to keep looking at the car.
Dave was so understanding when we got stuck in traffic on the Friday when we wanted to go up and look at the car. So we were so glad when Dave said to come up on the Saturday to have a look.
We fell in love with the Impala straight away. Dave was so good at explaining everything to us and so patient.
What can we say.... Dave is so good, honest and lived up to his reputation. Dave made everything throughout the purchase easy and he went above and beyond the usual for us. Dave made sure everything was totally fine with our car.
We are so happy with our Impala.
We feel we have purchased a great classic car for our first one and have called her Ruby!!
Dave has kept in contact with us to make sure all is well.
Truely, we also feel we have made new friends and look forward to catching up with Dave and Krysy again soon.
We would like to thank Dave and Krysy for all of their help above and beyond with our Impala.
David & Raelene Beazley - Brisbane Northside November 2013."
Hope this is fine to put up on your comments page.
Many thanks
David & Raelene 



My fascination with the ownership of a Corvette Stingray has been a life long dream. It all started back in school, I used to flick through the Just Cars Magazines and deliberately look for the Corvettes and I just loved the shape, the curves and could only imagine how good that engine would sound.

I used to walk to the school bus stop which was at the end of my street and that was when I saw it, It took awhile for me to notice but my neighbour actually had one it was a blue C3 Convertible with side pipes, this car just looked and sounded of the chart and as it drove past me I knew I had to buy one of these cars (when I could afford it).

7 Years later I bought my first project C3, I knew it needed work but I didn’t care, I had my dream car. A total of 15 years had passed and I realised I just didn’t have the time to restore this thing of beauty and I set about finding an example that I could enjoy.

That’s when I stumbled onto Dave’s website and where I found my true dream car, so I called him to organise a viewing and I was not disappointed, after gaining approval from the wife and the bank I let Dave know that I wanted this car.

Dave informed me of all the things that I needed to know and what needed to be done to get this car on the road. Dave was instrumental in completing these tasks; he sent photos, was informative, professional and ultimately delivered on what was an absolutely gorgeous car.

Thanks to Dave and his team I now am the proud owner of a piece of classic Americana, a car the commands attention and has the road presence like no other.

Again, I would to thank Dave, his partner and his team for the hard work they have done, he is obviously highly recommended as you will not find somebody this side of the equator who has this much passion for these cars.

Without his fine work my dream would not be reality.

1972 Stingray Coupe, manual

Glen & Leanne