Customer Comments

Mick Sydney



It seems like yesterday that I first approached you in beginning the process of acquiring the spectacular Corvette  I now own. The reality is that was several months ago and looking back at the apprehension I processed at the beginning of the journey it was all for nothing considering the permanent smile and pleasure it has now given me.  To consider owning a Corvette, in particular of a certain vintage crosses the line of purchasing  “ just a car “  but into the realms of the enthusiast , devoted and dedicated to the corvette brand.  This , Dave is what we are , but to allow others the opportunity to also own a quality hand picked vehicle makes you a true Ambassador and passionate believer in what you do. The apprehension I mention earlier stemmed from the countless clunkers out there “ for sale “ ,  basically other peoples nightmares or mystery boxes palmed off by dubious car salesmen ,  yes ,  now and then a quality vehicle might slip through the cracks but that’s like winning the Lotto. Beginning with the quality of the imports that you have as inventory , which I saw first hand , to the fastidious detail and workmanship I experienced with my car before delivery , I will recommend you to any potential Vette buyer. Its really a no brainer! apart from everything I have mentioned thus far ,  you’re a down to earth ,  all round good guy with old fashion morals and principles who only asks for respect in return and that reflects in your staff as well .  I hope this is the dawn of a very long association and will be in touch from time to time should I have and questions , drawing from your abundant knowledge and experience.  ( That’s my excuse to say G’day! )

Once again Thankyou for everything you have done so far.
Cheers  Mick  (Sydney)