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Dear Dave & Krysy       

We  would like to express our deepest gratitude for introducing us to the newest member of our family.

Fait brought us to Dave during our extensive search for our 1969 Camaro. We were  travelling home from looking at Camaro's in N.S.W and throughout the Gold Coast. This experience had been extremely disappointing due to the poor quality of cars on the market. We had just about given up on our quest. Whilst travelling to Bribie Island to see family, I recalled seeing corvettes  by  gmdownunder

advertisement in the Unique Car magazine. Luckily I had brought a copy of the magazine with me on our journey. I call Dave and made an appointment.

Upon meeting Dave I could feel the passion and professionalism he had for his cars.  I was amazed with the quality of the cars, workshop and employees. The exceptional quality of Corvettes that were on display in the showroom could have made me purchase a Corvette, however, Dave had mentioned THE Camaro. Excitement grew as I drove back to look at the Camaro. It was as perfect as Dave said it was.

I would highly recommend Dave, Krysy and his team. The purchase of the Camaro and the transportation  provided by Allen's Unique Car Carriers was professional and efficient. Dave organised everything. The constant contact and follow-up was brilliant. Once again, Dave, THANK YOU!!!!!

Kind regards

Darren & Colleen Williams   yeppoon  15/11/2011


Dear Dave,
Doug and I would like to thank you for your very personal service in enabling Doug to achieve his lifelong dream of owning a corvette. He was very impressed not only with your amazing showroom but the time and effort you put into your clients and their needs. The corvette is here and even when he is not able to drive it (eg. if the weather is bad) he is only too happy to spend time looking at it or cleaning it! We look forward now to a period of enjoyment, doug has learned that you have to add at least 30 minutes on to a journey anywhere in the ‘vette as so many people want to stop and talk! Many thanks Dave
Meg and Doug


When I fist saw this van I was a blown away it looked almost perfect on the net, thought about it for a couple of days then thought my husband would love this car so I set about buying it for him as a present for our 30 year wedding anniversary.
I spoke to Dave and his lovely wife Chrissy and they reassured me that this car was as good as it looked in the photos. I will admit that as I was in Adelaide I was a little scared to send this much money via EFT for a car I had not seen in the flesh to a man I had never met or delt with. Both he and his wife sounded genuine on the phone. So I sent the money and Dave kindly offered to detail the car and fix up a couple of small scratches on the paint. He kept me informed all the way and it took around 3 weeks for the car to be ready and the transport organised. I was still a little nervous the car was not going to arrive. The transport pick up day had arrived and Dave rang me to tell me they would not load the car I was even more nervous. I appreciated everything Dave had done to help me surprise my husband ( Dave did things like rang me instead of emails and when he did email me he rang to tell me so I could delete them before my husband saw them) - this I appreciated hugely after 30 years it is very hard to surprise him and I didn't want the transport people to put him out. Anyway between myself and Dave not being happy with the transport company they agreed to load the car on a different truck. To reassure me Dave even sent me photos of the HR Panel Van being loaded onto the truck.

Still nervous it took another 6 days to make it to Adelaide the girl at the trans company told me the car would arrive on the Friday but they would not let me get it for another 4 days looking at the photos of the van I said no way it is going to stay out in the weather for 4 days. So I rang the depot at Wingfield and explained it was for my wedding anniversary and the wonderful group of people there unloaded it and got it ready for me to collect on the Friday. Remember I still had not seen this car in the flesh and only had Daves word that it was all he said.

I cannot being to tell you how amazing this car looked it was even BETTER than the photos and after finally getting the transport company guys to stop looking at it I drove it home. It drives as good as it looks ( tense moment when I realised I had not driven a 3 on the tree for awhile but all was well).

My 2 wonderful children Courtney and Mason helped me give it a clean from the drive home (Didn't need much this car looked as though it had never touched a road in its life) I made my husband wait on the side of the road and blind folded him (much to the bewildered looks from the lady delivering the census forms think she though I was kidnapping him).
When I took the blind fold off he stood there and didn't say anything except a few words I wont write down, He couldn't believe how beautiful it was. Thanks to Dave and his wife for being true to their word and to allow me to be able to give an amazing give to my wonderful husband Harry.

The only draw back to this story is since giving this car to my Husband he has not stopped admiring it, telling everybody how awesome it is and I often go to the garage to find him laying in the back admiring how good it really is.

Chrystine Bond


Hi Dave,

Well I finally got around to sending you a thank you for the great 1969 Corvette  you sold me. I have been too busy enjoying driving  her.  A workmate of mine ( who owns a 1971 big block) told me “ there is a bloke at Bribie Island who sells only the best Corvettes” if you’re serious see him, so I did. As you know Gary (my son) and I flew up to look  at your Fleet. The way you have your business set up the cars sell themselves. I came up to look at 3 cars the2 x  1969’s and the 1988.  I waited a long time to get the right car and the moment I laid eyes on it I knew that was the one for me. Your service was nothing short of fantastic nothing was/ is a problem. On the second visit for final inspection on my car  Gary bought the 1978 Pace car from you. When my  car arrived in Sydney it sailed through the Blue slip nothing wrong. On our 3rd trip Gary’s final inspection my youngest son Greg joined us and you got another sale the 1988. So now when we go for a run there is 3 beautiful Corvettes together. The daughter is thinking about one also maybe another sale on the way? When anyone asks me where did I get the car I have no hesitation in saying “there is a bloke at Bribie Island who sells only the best Corvettes”

Brian from Sydney




It seems like yesterday that I first approached you in beginning the process of acquiring the spectacular Corvette  I now own. The reality is that was several months ago and looking back at the apprehension I processed at the beginning of the journey it was all for nothing considering the permanent smile and pleasure it has now given me.  To consider owning a Corvette, in particular of a certain vintage crosses the line of purchasing  “ just a car “  but into the realms of the enthusiast , devoted and dedicated to the corvette brand.  This , Dave is what we are , but to allow others the opportunity to also own a quality hand picked vehicle makes you a true Ambassador and passionate believer in what you do. The apprehension I mention earlier stemmed from the countless clunkers out there “ for sale “ ,  basically other peoples nightmares or mystery boxes palmed off by dubious car salesmen ,  yes ,  now and then a quality vehicle might slip through the cracks but that’s like winning the Lotto. Beginning with the quality of the imports that you have as inventory , which I saw first hand , to the fastidious detail and workmanship I experienced with my car before delivery , I will recommend you to any potential Vette buyer. Its really a no brainer! apart from everything I have mentioned thus far ,  you’re a down to earth ,  all round good guy with old fashion morals and principles who only asks for respect in return and that reflects in your staff as well .  I hope this is the dawn of a very long association and will be in touch from time to time should I have and questions , drawing from your abundant knowledge and experience.  ( That’s my excuse to say G’day! )

Once again Thankyou for everything you have done so far.
Cheers  Mick  (Sydney)

G'Day Dave
Finally got both cars registered, just have to speak to the right people I guess.
I just wanted to pass on that were they blue slipped the cars the comments I got on the pace car were "who did the work on this car it's practically brand new."
The manager of the shop (he owns a '69) said he hadn't seen 2 such well presented and detailed cars in a long time. Both cars drew a crowd in the garage and in the car park. I told them about you, your guys and the business up there and mentioned your web site.
All the attention these cars get were ever they go is testament to the quality of cars you deal in.It makes those hassles I had with the guys down here all worth while (just for the record the headlights were fine I'm not sure what the guy was looking at).
Again please pass on my thanks to all the people that were responsible for making my car what it is today, they did a fantastic job.
Hope to see you in your ute at the races sometime.
Regards, Gary, Sydney


G'Day Dave
Could you please pass on my thanks to all your staff that worked on my 1978 Pace Car.
I knew the quality of your work was exceptional after seeing my fathers 69 but was still amazed at the site of mine we I arrived to pick it up. The extra work you guys put in on the under carriage made the car look a million bucks.
I'm finding it hard to put in to words how much I appreciate the time and effort you and the guys put in to this car and ask that you please pass on my thanks to whoever was involved.
I'm hoping that in the not to distant future I can again do business with you but in the mean time I will be telling whoever cares to listen to me that if they want a quality Vet then they should be talking to you.
Thanks again Gary, Sydney.


Dear Dave and Krysy,
Well it has been a month now since I took delivery of my dream car from you and you still can't take the smile off my face. After 57 years of waiting I have my red Corvette and could not be happier.
The buying experience was made all the easier by your vast product knowledge and obvious passion for the vehicles. I certainly appreciated your straight forward and honest responses to my innumerable questions.
I must say that I was impressed by your operation on Bribie Island. Your workshops were a joy to behold (how do you keep them so clean and tidy) and reflects the care, effort and attention to detail you put into the preparation of your vehicles.
I have to admit to asking a number of locals about you before I entered into the buying process and the recurring theme was Honesty, Integrity and a man of his word.
Well they were right and when the question is posed to me "Would you buy a used car from this man?" The answer is a resounding "Most definitely."
AND I will be back to buy that Big Block we talked about!!!!
Keep up the great work.
Kind Regards Bernard Young, Banksia Beach


Hello Krysy & Dave,
I thought I'd be happy with our YLLA C4 "Baby YALLA" and she was / is such a beautiful Corvette but no matter how beautiful our C4 was, I still desired the one true love of my life (on wheels anyway) a 1969 Corvette Convertible left hooker and all... I searched and searched and would not believe that destiny brought us back to where my passion for corvettes all started. Over +20 odd years had past since I dragged my wife into G.M. Down Under showroom while holidaying in Surface Paridise. Who would have thought that 20 odd years later Dave and Krysy would be the ones to be able to quench my desire for our 1969 Roadster........Matching No.'s Code correct, opted with a 350/350 H.P and yes what colour would I have wished for ? you got it Daytona Yellow.
Dave & Krsysy, thankyou for making this dream come through for our family, if you could have seen the smile form ear to ear on my sons face when i took him around the block in our new Stingray you'd then understand just how happy we are withour 69 Vette!
I have to say that in todays frantic world, that dealing with you and Krysy made this transaction more like a begining to a new friendship. I hope that we do in fact as you say stay in contact and one day hope to be able to meet the two of you face to face when we drive or "OLD YALLA" Vette back up to QLD to visit you..
Best Regards, Jeff, Tracey, Brad & Jamie.


G’day Dave.
I just want to tell you a little bit about my quest for my dream car.
In 1982 the whole family headed north to the Gold Coast for our first Christmas holiday break. Mermaid Beach was to become our regular family holiday spot for the next 20 years. My introduction to beautiful American classics happened during our first holiday when I was just 10 years old.
Mermaid Beach had everything. MacDonalds, Mermaid Beach Twin Cinemas, Mermaid Beach Surf Club, Putt Putt Golf, Great Surf Beach, Hedges Avenue and 2 very modest units in Venice Street where we (and my 2 brothers) spent the best part of our lives growing up. But it also had a shrine to American Classics in the form of a car sales showroom aptly named – MISTER CARS. The showroom was tucked away under the Mermaid Beach Twin Cinemas. After a Maccas meal and a movie, we would go down to the window of the showroom and just admire the marvellous creations which were on display in all their glory. I was always intrigued by a particular brand: the Ford MUSTANG. But there were other beauties, Corvettes, Camaros, Cadillacs, GT HO Falcons and the list goes on. But it was always the MUSTANG that seemed to draw my imagination and I could not control my emotions from then on. It was set in my mind. I wanted one but even at that age I knew the process was going to be a long drawn out affair and it was all going to be done off my own bat. Mister Cars became a regular hang out spot and it was outside the showroom that I would often imagine driving each and every one of those cars. But of course, the one I wanted most – the Mustang.
Mister Cars eventually moved on, I became older and the passion for owning a Mustang gathered momentum. At almost 38 years of age, with a young family, a secure job, with my finances in order, the time had come. The quest lead me to GM Downunder and a gentleman ( and I stress the word gentleman) by the name of Dave Harber answered my call. I knew he could tell just how long I’d been waiting and I am sure he could sense the excitement, the intrepidation, the anxiety and the passion in my voice. Because Dave had what I had always been looking for. A 1965 Mustang Fastback. But more than that, Dave had the best looking and best presented car that I had seen in the whole 5 months I was physically looking from coast to coast in Australia. I even checked out the internet to locate one in the US as my quest was bordering on desperation. It took only one call and an in depth conversation with Dave and I knew that I was close to my dream. I booked my flight from Melbourne, landed in Brisbane and whilst driving along the Bruce Highway to Bribie Island the irony began to hit me. Here I am coming back to the state (QLD) where along with my family, spent 20 consecutive Christmas school holidays, the place where I first cast my eyes on my dream car and here I was facing the real possibility that my hard earned was finally going to find a home.
As I got closer to Dave’s my mood changed. I pulled up at the shopping centre about 5 minutes away and I started to have flashbacks. The flashbacks were of all the disappointments I encountered along the way in the last 5 months where on many occasions the cars that looked so good on paper, in magazines, on the internet and up close as well as all the stories I heard about each and every one of those cars that failed to meet my expectations. And I asked myself the question - Was this going to be another let down? A quick call to Dave to let him know I was around the corner and then the worry had disappeared. It was time to meet with destiny.
The nerves were unbearable. The mind was ticking over but as I pulled up in the driveway and saw “HER” in that glorious Queensland sunshine, it was instant. I knew that I had found what I had been looking for. As I drove past the Mustang to the customer parking bay I couldn’t take my eyes of it and I simply can’t recall how the car I was driving managed to park itself without hitting anything and then switch itself off. I could hear Dave introducing himself and saying something, but I was in a zone. I was numb. Then reality kicked in. I knew where I was. I said hello to Dave, (probably again, I don’t know) and off we went. When I eventually took my eyes off the Mustang I had a look around and could see for myself that everything Dave said he was and did and had, was there for the world to see. A great set up with a team of guys who share his passion and vision. I could see that Dave really enjoyed what he does and most of all he really gets the most satisfaction when one of his cars finds a good home.
To Dave and all the team: simply THANKYOU. You feel that the car has found the right owner and I can assure you – it has. In my brief encounter with you, I now consider you to be a friend and not just someone that I have transacted with. And to me that was very important. Thanks for taking the time out and absolutely going through the whole car with me, making the deal a reality, organising the shipping of the car to Melbourne, keeping me in the loop right up until the car landed in Melbourne. I cannot stress enough how your assurances throughout the whole event helped ease my anxieties and you are really an upstanding gentleman. You are a credit to the industry that you work in and a fine example that should be recognised and modelled upon. I have no hesitation in recommended you and your company to anyone who wishes to realise their dreams of owing – a CLASSIC CAR. Thanks mate. Keep in touch.
The quest and search is over – now the fun and enjoyment begins.
John and family.
Owner of an awesome 1965 Mustang A Code Fastback (GT 350 Recreation)


Hi, Dave.

Well, after 41 years of waiting and thanks to you, it has finally happened! My dream car has become a reality and is now a permanent member of our family.

What a beauty, a red/black '69 427 big block Corvette Coupe, equipped with a turbo hydromatic transmission.

Having bought many different vehicles over the last 45 years, I must say that purchasing this vehicle from you, took vehicle buying to a whole new level.

I found your genuine passion for the Corvette marque very infectious. Along with your product knowledge, understanding of customer requirements and vehicle presentation, I consider your overall specialist operation to be second to none. I must say, I did feel like a kid entering a lolly shop and being given a free choice, when I entered your showroom and workshop areas for the first time. What an incredible array of quality vehicles.

Your ability to make the purchase of my dream so easy and painless will not be forgotten.
My wife Wendy and I have now become members of a Corvette Owners Club and look forward to our first outing with the group to even further appreciate the qualities of this great vehicle.

I look forward to many fun times in this vehicle and an ongoing friendship with you and your talented team.
We are now living the legend.

Cheers Bill & Wendy Allen. Bribie Island.


Hi Dave,

The year was 1969. I was 10 years old, in grade 4 at school. I remember getting time off school to go home to watch the TV to see man walk on the moon. Now to most kids, that seemed to be the ultimate, but for me, that was nothing compared to seeing a sales brochure some kid had at school, of a car his father was going to buy. The car was called a Corvette Stingray. I thought this was the most incredible thing I had ever seen.

That night when dad got home I asked him, "Will we all be driving cars like this" ... "When are we getting one?" It was like I had eaten a box of red jelly beans and washed it down with a bottle of Red Cordial. Much to my disappointment, dad explained the cold hard facts of life. He explained why he was working two jobs, why mum was working part time and even then we were still struggling a little. I thought there will be no car like that in this house ever.
Six years later I bought my first car, a Wolseley 4/44, from my mum's "Uncle Arthur" (honest, that was his name). At the time, mum was working in a news agency. Every couple of weeks mum would buy me a "car" magazine. Then it happened again ... in one of the magazines there was an article on a 1969 Le Mans Blue Corvette Stingray, 427 Tri Power!

I was in love all over again. I cut up the pages to get the pictures and made my own poster of that car. It stayed on my bedroom wall until I left home at 21, when I got married to Karen.

In the following 28 years I went through almost every car I thought I would like to have. To this date that is around the 60 mark. From Ford XW's, XY's, and XA's to Holden Monaro's, Chevy Pick Ups, '67,'69 Camaro's, even a 1939 Chevy Pick Up with a Supercharged 350 in it, just to mention a few. But one has mostly held pride of place on the screen saver on my computer ... "that

Then a defining moment occurred ... the moment was when I picked up the phone to call this guy at Bribie Island, his name was Dave Harber ( Yes Dave, you!) and he was selling Corvettes. I thought this was great ... this guy's passion for the Corvette's, the
fantastic facilities, and showroom was unreal. But then as the "tour" continued, as we walked into the workshop area, there it was. Just a little bit off the ground on the hoist, a 1969 Corvette Stingray Coupe, Le Mans Blue Exterior, Bright Blue Interior, Side Pipes, 427 Big Block, 4 Speed ... and then when you lifted the bonnet and I saw it was a Tri Power ... Oh My God! This is it, my dream car, a car that had teased, excited, thrilled and eluded me for nearly 40 years.

Well Dave, as you know, the rest is history ... of which you are a very big part I must say. I know this is a hell of a long way to say thanks, but just to say 'thanks' isn't good enough.

As you can imagine, after some sixty previous cars, with some of the good, the bad and the very ugly deals, to me you were a dream come true. Your honesty, your professionalism, your care and passion for what you are doing in your business is beyond belief.
You didn't just sell me a car Dave, you helped me realise a 40 year old dream, an ambition, one that I thought would never be fulfilled. So even though it still not enough ... Thank You!

Mike P. Brisbane


Hi Dave,

Im finally getting around to saying thanks for all your help. I cant believe I now own the best looking car in Brisbane. And it was all so easy and straight forward. It's the perfect car, everything I ever wanted and just getting better all the time. I now have my son Zac hiding a new stereo in the back to be heard but not seen. Poor Dave cant keep me out of it, I just love it. Best wishes for a safe and happy Christmas and cheers for making the whole process such a breeze. I wouldnt hesitate to recomend you and would love to do business with you again if you hadnt already sold me the perfect car. I think Im in love.

Priscilla and Dave Woods (78 Corvette Coupe)


Hi Dave & Krysy

Just wanted to drop you an email to let you know I have the 71 Corvette fully registered in the ACT.

I wanted to thank you for the time you spent on the two occasions my son (Matt) and I came to Queensland to visit.

The final decision was made somewhat easier as at your shop we were able to see a number of model years, variations, colours, conditions etc as well as see the amount of work that your team puts into each car you sell as well as restore for others.

What we originally thought we wanted changed along the way but I don't think we could have come to that decision without access to your cars and experience.

Would recommend you to anyone on the journey we have taken.

Thank You Craig Hart ( 71 Blue/ blue coupe)



Having had the love for Corvette's for some 30 years and actively researching and looking for the past 15 years, I have found the jewel in the crown.

From the moment I meet you and your team, I could see the passion for cars and especially Corvette's. We came, inspected and bought an outstanding 1972 Bryar Blue Big Block Coupe.

The car was detailed and presented in a manner on the day of collection as though it was leaving the show room for the first time. We drove the car some 1000 kms home to Mackay and the old girl never missed a beat.

Both Julia and I sincerely thank you for making the experience of purchasing this classic Corvette such a highlight to the year.

Regards Stan & Julia Hollowayd


Our mouths dropped and are speechless F**** whisper was all we could say for a whole minute Al turned to jelly and was near tearing up. We complimented you verbally for the next minute, Dave you are the MASTER!!

We always new we were dealing with Dr Corvette and would like to truly express our appreciation and true happiness with the end result. Many many thanks for your attention to detail.

WE LOVE YOU BOTH and Team GM Downunder.

AL & RENE XXX (71 Big Block Coupe)



I just arrived home would you believe at 9pm Sydney time. Plane was delayed out of Brisbane and Sydney airport was closed temporarily due to thunderstorm.I had a really enjoyable day. Thank you for your valuable Saturday time. I appreciate everything you have done to turn my dream into reality. It makes all my hard work down here everyday bearable knowing I'll have the beast here early in 2009. I am very happy with the selection and excited about the little improvements you can make for me.

You are a real collector and your enthusiasm is infectious!

Thank you again

Peter (70 Big Block Convertible)






Hi Dave, just a short note to send a thank you for the teams work on my Coupe (two trophies so far). Big Blocks rule, ok!
1966 Silver Big Block Coupe and 1965 Maroon Convertible